Chrome responsive vs Bubble Responsive

Does anyone know why the responsive in bubble is different than Chrome responsive? not sure if I’m doing something wrong?

different in what way?

the responsive image that Bubble is providing is different from Chrome’s responsive image. Please see below. -

Bubble responsive pg 375px


Chrome iPhone 375px

I assume you’re referring to the scaling of the background image?

Bear in mind the height of the screen is different in both images - in chrome the height is 667, in the Bubble editor it’s clearly different although it doesn’t say specifically what it is (it’s probably your page height).

So depending on what settings your using for the image scaling you can expect it to display differently depending on page height as well as width. Also bear in mind if you have any dynamic content that may changed the rendered page height, that will also affect how the image displays (again depending on the setting on the image).

Correct on the background image.

Would you say that Bubbles responsive is accurate once displayed on Chrome?

Yes, but if you’re talking about image size, that will depend on screen height (which will vary depending on device, and will also change if there is dynamic content on the page).

I appreciate your help! Thanks

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