Circlely - A template for who want to build a community πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§

Hello community! :wave:

Our template called Circlely is on the marketplace.

Circlely is a great app for those who want to build their own community. It was manufactured as a clone of It has a great design, advanced features and its fully responsive.


Main spaces (Upper category)

  • Main spaces are the upper area where the spaces are connected. This allows you to categorize your topics.

Spaces (Subcategory)

  • Posts shared by users are listed in the space (you can imagine it as a subcategory). Each space has two separate areas within itself. Posts and members. By switching to the Members tab, you can view the member’s profile or send him/her a direct message.


  • Your members can share posts, like posts, leave comments on posts or reply to comments.


  • Your members can directly message each other. A member can prevent direct messages from being sent to himself/herself if he/she wishes.


  • You get an advanced notification system. Each notification can be controlled separately for each scenario. You can mark all as read, read individually, unfollow a post immediately, block further notifications or delete notifications.


-Members can receive notifications for comments on their own post and vice versa.
-Members can receive notifications for incoming direct messages and vice versa.
-Members can receive notifications for the likes on their comments and vice versa.
-Members can receive notifications for likes on their own post and vice versa.
-Members can receive notifications for all new posts and vice versa.
-Members can receive notifications for replies to their comments and vice versa.
-Members can allow their email address to be viewed by other members and vice versa.
-Admins can receive notifications for reported posts and vice versa

Profile page

-Members can update their information, change the settings for the notifications they want to receive, or change their login information.


-Administrators can make other members an administrator, blocking them from accessing the application.
-Admins can create, edit, delete main spaces and spaces.
-Admins can assign users to spaces and remove a user from spaces. (all at once or the ones you specify)
-Admins can review statistics for categories, posts, comments, likes and direct messages.
-Admins can send emails to specific users or to all users.

This template has been carefully crafted using mainly database triggers so your members will feel very comfortable using your app.




Please feel free to reach out for your questions!



Hello Bubblers,

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1- Comment creator can delete their own comments (a verification is also requested).

2 -When a new conversation is wanted to be created, if there was a previous conversation with the user to whom the message was sent, it is directed to that conversation instead of being re-created.

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Coupon code: KODSUZ

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Hi Eren,
Couldn’t tell from the demo- does this allow just one community to be built on it ? Or is it like where it’s a platform for anyone to create a community , so it hosts multiple communities ?

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Hello @Koo

In its current state, it only hosts one community. To accommodate multiple communities, you need to customize it.


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Hello eren - the coupon code is no longer working - thx


Yes, there was a date limit. I have now re-enabled it.

Coupon code: KODSUZ

Thanks for showing interest.


Thanks! Just got it

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How can I change that orange that it comes in? I just bought it


Thanks for purchasing. The majority of the template is managed by styles.

At some points, you can make the changes you want by browsing the condition tab.

It applies to all the elements I mentioned above.

Happy building!


I highly recommend this app. I purchased it a while back and it is the best app I have seen developed on Bubble. Highly recommended!

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We are so glad you liked it! Also, thank you for your kind words. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Hey guys :hugs:

Like JustFans template, we made some changes on the Circlely template.

Here is the latest update notes:

On this update you will be able to change all primary colors on the template with few clicks.

  • Updated fonts to β€œglobal font variables”
  • Updated styles to β€œglobal style variables”
  • App version upgraded to 18

Here is a sample video about how you can change primary colors of the template:

Looking forward to working with your template.
Question: After it is purchased and modified is there any way to get your updates and improvements to the template?


Unfortunately no. Your current app is not updated when we update the templates. To access the new version, you must create a new application and select the relevant template.


Makes sense, thanks for the quick reply Eren.

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Hi Eren,
Is there a future update looking to create three layers of comments in a thread? I have not found a single template or plugin that offers this on Bubble and desperately need it!


Unfortunately, it does not support this feature. I also replied to the message you sent via DM.