Want a theme/template like - Buddyboss, MightyNetwork (a social community platform)


We are looking to add a social community to our bubble based website. Any chance once of you have a template (internal or available on the bubble platform) that we could buy.

We are looking for the following features:

  1. Activity feed (showing user posts and forum updates)
  2. Ability for users to post updates
  3. Forums (can be discourse)
  4. Responsive
  5. Ability to like, search and comment on things

Nice to have: blogs, classes

The closest example we have seen is MightyNetwork and BuddyBoss - pasting a few screenshots for reference:


@levon may be you guys are working on something like this?

Hello @t_bubble, they have a lot of templates and some of them have the features that you want. Each of their template have a demo so you can try them out, and after you buy them, you can customize them as you want. You can check for templates here bubble.com/templates or for zeroqode templates only you can check them on their website zeroqode.com
If you want someone to build something for you, ask freelancers.
Hope this helps!

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Hi @t_bubble

Let me know if you would like to contribute for the build of such a template. I’d be happy to discuss your requirements and what we can do.


No-Code Venture

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Happy to :slight_smile:

Sending you a DM

Thanks Grace. Looked at their templates, but could not find something that would perfectly fit the mold of a community platform.
I figured that not everyone would release projects as templates right away - so thought I would ask :slight_smile:

you can’t find a template that is all in one . you can’t find everything in one template. For the forum part, you can add this template (https://bubble.io/template/modern-community-forum-1583164934946x998423940103405600) to your website by copying and pasting the elements and modifying the database and workflows.

how about this template? Zeroqode | No-code apps, plugins, native apps builder for bubble.io and more

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