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Cities and countries of the world data

Hi I am creating user profiles and prompting my the user to enter a location, a city and country. I want to be able to to display results similar to what the user is typing. For example if the user types Colum, a dropdown menu displaying the cities of the world that start with “Colum” and their corresponding coutries.

Thank you.

Hello Papabn14,

I have solved a similar issue by creating own database with countries and cities (Data Type Country and Data Type City). There are .csv files available on the web with countries and cities.
In my case I have a dropdown showing the selection possibilities. you can create a search box, where the results from Data Type Country are shown in a repeating group with search results.

Hope I could explain it in a clear way :slight_smile: contact me if you need more details

Good luck!

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Hi Olga,
Thank you for your help. I will try this.