Clashing dates - comparing two lists

Hey there, this is a bit of logic that always produces a bubble error for me, and I’m hoping someone can help me with the logic.

I have a data type of Holiday Requests with a data field of List of Dates (date - list of)

When someone submits a new holiday request, I’d like a warning to show when all the existing Holiday Requests’ List of Dates has a matching date to the new entry’s List of Dates

At the moment I have When…

Do a Search for: Holiday Requests where each item’s List of Dates contains list Parent Group’s Holiday Request’s List of Dates

This doesn’t produce an error, but the issue is that it is including the current cell’s Holiday Request in the list of ones to check against. I need it to look for all the holiday requests that aren’t the current cell’s one.

Any help appreciated, thank you!

Further to the above, I’ve added filtering out the holiday request with matching unique ID, which is a tick :white_check_mark:

However, I’ve noticed that they’re comparing whole lists, rather than any date in the list. I’ve changed “contains list” to “contains” but I’m getting an error. I just want it to check against each item, but my only options are to check against each item:formatted as etc…"

If I check against first or last item, it works, but what’s the way of checking against each item, without choosing any of the options about the colon. thanks!

Ah! I think I’ve cracked it using intersect with

Hey @emma1 ,

I have a logic to solve this:

  1. set a workflow “Do when condition is true” to show the alert element
    or if you are using a button do from below
  2. when “holiday request’s date contains input(datepicker)'s value”(here i am assuming that the date is selected from the datepicker input)
  3. “show alert element”

Hope this will help you.

thanks for the reply! in this case there isn’t a datepicker - it’s comparing two existing database entries against each other. but thank you!