Need help. an event has a list of dates, need a date filter

So, I have a database of events, each event has a list of dates/times.
I need a filter, for example, the current date: If an event has DateTime current date, - pick this event.

Not so many options available…

@dophaminum You need to save your dates of the event with changed hours to able to find a required date from the list of dates because “contain” looks for exact matches.
Save as here:

Search as here:

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Thank you very much! it works!

I faced another challenge. do you have an idea, of how to get boolean results for list of dates containing any of another list of dates?
for example 1 feb, 3feb, 7feb, contain any of 2feb, 3feb = true

Do you mean if the event with 2 feb or 3 feb dates in the range of 1 feb and 7 feb = true ?

Question: if you want to make a datafilter for future events, do you need to follow the same methode?

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