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Click element to Swipe a Tinder Pile left/right

Hi, I am trying to create an action where the user clicks on a text link (e.g. “Good” and “Bad”) to force left or right swipes on a Tinder Pile. The action to force a swipe exists but when I try to choose the element that needs to be swiped, which should be the Tinder Pile, I get an empty options box = no swipeable Tinder Pile.

I do have a Tinder Pile in my design and the swiping worked with actual side swiping but can’t seem to get the click on an element to force a swipe to work.
Any thoughts? Is that a Plugin bug?
Thank you!

Was an issue on our end. Will push a fix today.

Great, thank you!

Actually pushing in a few hours, sorry for the delay.

Thank you, the element is clickable now, but it seems like one click triggers two of the same actions (like a double-click). In my case I am creating a thing by clicking on a text and forcing a right-swipe and it always creates two things with every click.

Here is the data it creates:

Could still be a bug.

It can’t be related to the fix we pushed. Try using the debugger to make sure your workflows are correct.

Got it, I had both, side-swipe and click to swipe create a thing.

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