Problem with Tinder Plugin (Only getting first on pile)


I’m trying to use the Tinder pile element of Bubble and at the during the moment of making a match when trying to use “This TinderPile’s current slide” to create the match in the database, the app is giving my the very first object of the tinder pile, not the one appearing when the swipe to the right was done.

Is this a bug?

Can someone help me to configure it?

this feature is vital for my business idea and I don’t know what to do.


Check if you have two workflows that are running at the same time when doing an action with the tinder current card.

Usually this happens because you have a workflow with actions that activates a button that swipes the card to the right or the left, and then you also have a separate workflow with the same actions when the card is manually swiped.

This causes that the app run the two workflows at the same time, which may cause the mismatch of the card given and the card wanted.

The proper set up should be:

  1. Workflow condition —> when this button is clicked: Action —> Swipe card to the right
  2. Workflow condition —> when card is swipe to the right: Action —> Group of actions you want to activate for the current card.

do not duplicate the actions in the first workflow, you only need them in the second workflow. that way will work when the user clicks the button and when manually swipes the card.

Hope it helps :grinning:

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