Click Text Box / Trigger Action

I know this is a silly question but, I have spent too much time trying to get this to work.

When the user clicks in a text box, before they even type anything, is it possible to trigger an action like show a focus group?

Hey @mikebhobbs

I think you’re talking about an input element. I don’t know of any way to trigger an action when the input is clicked, but depending on what you’re trying to do, you could have an element appear while the input is hovered and/or focused?

If you’re talking about a text element, then you can definitely trigger an action when the text is clicked. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Yep - I’m using a text input box and everything is working when the input is changed (when the enter key is hit) I was just trying to get my focus group to show up before the user started typing. :thinking:

Could you achieve a similar result by having a group instead of a focus group and using conditionals to show/hide the group? (ie. when input A is focused or input A is hovered, this element is visible). Or does it need to be a focus group?

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I like where your going just need to change my initial thought of the UI.

Is this bubble forum built with bubble? What I could do is what they have done in the top right corner with the magnify glass search. How does the bubble forum search topics, posts, users, subjects, especially if the users and posts are separate data types?

I am trying to achieve the same thing. Did you manage? I am trying to apply it to a header therefore I can’t use a group I need a focus group. Did you find a solution?