Client wants to try to "break" my app

I’m a non-technical founder and am slowly growing my Saas business which is built on Bubble.

A prospective client recently said that before they sign up for my product they would like to have a test account so they can walk through the product and see if they can “break” it. This client is a large construction company, and the person I was talking to has a couple internal developers on his team who build integrations for various systems they have.

Being a non-technical founder, I’m wondering what they will be looking for or trying to “break”. What things should I check/validate before giving them an account? What could someone do to “break” an app built on Bubble? Thanks!

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Interesting… I don’t have an answer and am a non-technical founder myself. But I would suggest pulling in Bubble support on this request. I recall reading something from Bubble saying to notify them if anyone was going to try a friendly hack into an app.

At best, the prospective client may be helpful in helping you find bugs. At worst, they could really screw something up or find a hole in your privacy approach. I’d be curious what exactly their concern is… whether the app “works” or whether there is a security issue that may expose their data.

I’m pretty sure they don’t mean hacking into. They will likely be interested to see the extent your app can handle unexpected user behavior. Your development efforts have probably been focused on what you expect / want users to do, but the reality is that users will find all kinds of ways to do strange things that you can’t anticipate. The best way to prepare for this is to have your inner circle test your app in this context.

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Ensure that your privacy rules are in place

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Thanka for the idea about reach out to support. I’ll give that a try. Bugs I’m not afraid of and maybe that’s what they mean by “break”.

@SerPounce I currently have users and have done extensive testing, but I’m sure bugs can still be found. Thanks for the advice.

@cmarchan good point! I do have privacy rules in place but it would probably be good for me to check that everything is working properly.

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