Clone an app of bubble to another account of bubble

Hello everyone
I need a help that i want to clone my bubble app to another account of bubble
and i dont want to transfer or invite , can we use any other methods, so i can access the same bubble app from two account
Thanks in advance

Copying the app, then transferring to the second account is the only way.

If it is to avoid subscribing to a agency plan to build for clients, likely not a way. You could always turn it into a template and have your client buy the template if that is the case.

Or take the time to create an app in their account, make that app ‘everyone can edit’ then copy and paste all features of the app from your account into the app you created in theirs. Bit of a drag and if this is for purpose of delivering to a client, maybe just pay for the agency subscription for 1 month, as the time to copy paste is probably going to cost more in lost time than 1 month of agency subscription.

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