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Hello good afternoon,

I would like to know how I should proceed so that my template is accepted, I needed to migrate to another bubble account and take my database there I found this alternative.

If you are trying to just send a bubble app from one account to another, with database and everything, Bubble makes it super simple! Open your app editor, and go to Settings > Collaboration > Invite a user (email) - There, you will want to put your new bubble accounts email, then click the Transfer button.

Please make sure you type the correct email! If you don’t your bubble app will go to someone else.

Hope this helps!

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can I do this so that it stays on both accounts?

Hmm… The hard part is if you create a template, the only way (that I know of) to get it onto another account to be able to use it as a template is if you submit it publicly, which goes on the marketplace / public template page.

I suppose it’d be easier to help if we know your direct use case, why does it need to be on 2 separate accounts? You can create more than 1 app on 1 bubble account.

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I would really need it to be on 2 accounts because it was done on mine and my client wanted it to migrate to his own bubble account.

Is it not the same app you are sending to the client?

If you are wanting to keep a copy, but give a copy (with database contents) the best case would to make a copy of it on your account, copy database content when you copy it, and then send the copy to the client. That would probably be the best route here.

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it’s all right,

Thank you very much for your help, I’ll try to do it by this method, while my template is not approved, which would be a better route too

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