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Cloudflare Error?

Anyone else having a cloudflare error when loading the editor?


yes my app is down too

OK, mine is back up now…

database still lagging

Yup have similar issue…

cannot extract any data yet

Editor not saving as well

Main bubble cluster seems down:


unable to connect…
Screenshot 2021-12-15 082036

Yep. Mine off again and users having errors as well…

my app is down

Down as well was done as well saying “SSL handshake failed”

Hmm lots of stuff seems to be down right now….

What service is exactly down? AWS? Cloudflare?


bubble status shows fine - weird.

It is oscillating back and forth from fine to “Issues with main cluster”


need someone from Bubble to tell us what is happening - I have a launch happening at 11 eST

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I’ve tagged @bubble already…. Maybe reach out to support? [email protected]

Lots of stuff (including the AWS status page) seems to be down. My guess is another big AWS outage.