Cloudflare for all or do I need to set it up

There was a new release of “Cloudflare for all” back in Oct '19.
Down the thread, @levon proposes a an approach: Increase the Bubble page load speeds with Cloudflare (full link copied).
So, I’m a bit confused.
If Cloudflare is already “baked-in to Bubble” how come @levon 's method delivered the speed improvements?
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Mark.

Don’t get hung up on legacy crap. You’re referring to (out of order) posts from 2019 and then 2018.

What’s your concern?

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Hi Keith,
Thanks for picking up on my query.
So, the “baked in” Cloudflare is not supported.
The “release announcement” should be removed if that’s the case.
Anyhow, I just want to make sure that I know what the appropriate/optimal method is for implementing Cloudflare for my Bubble app.
Any clarification will be appreciated.
Thanks, Mark.

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