Co-Founder SpaceTime

Hey! Im looking for a co-founder who wants to help me build a startup, a marketplace of technical projects that users can solve for money!

Hi, I hope you find the perfect match.

Here’s a couple of suggestions to further increase your odds of finding the right person and to also make it more enticing for readers.

  1. Introduce yourself. Highlight your experience and expertise. Ideas are a dime in a dozen after all :smiley:
  2. Tell us more about the idea. “A marketplace of technical projects that users can solve for money” Is very vague. It would greatly help us picture it out if you explain it thoroughly e.g. how you came up with this problem, your experience with the problem, solution, and most importantly, have you done some sort of validation
  3. Provide some social media profiles. Maybe Linkedin or something

There’s a lot of other things you could do but for starters, these would greatly increase your chances of finding the perfect fit.

Plus, it also saves you the headache of explaining every detail to everyone :wink:

Hope this helps


Great feedback thank you!

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Based on the brief description of your project, it sounds to me like this would be a marketplace platform that connects tech projects with qualified freelancers to help them with their technical tasks. Is my understanding accurate? Also, is there anything you’d like to add to this describe your venture in broader detail?