Seeking a Technical Co-Founder

I’ve built my MVP here on Bubble, and I’m looking for a technical co-founder. Ideally you’ve built other apps with code. Specifically, I’m looking for someone who can optimize the current data structure, increase my bubble application performance, and help build new features.

We’ve been accepted into the YCombinator Startup School program and must continue development, iterating, and measuring.

Look forward to connecting. Feel free to send over a PM.

What have you currently accomplished with your MVP application? A bit more information is crucial when asking for any form of help, this helps people get to know your application.

@steve8 check your PM

Hello Gregory,

Sorry for late response. Building a social job board for creatives (Community + Marketplace). Major functionality is already built, no ready to launch just yet - about 80% there. Currently have 1500 creatives on the waiting list and interest from 10 companies.



Thanks Adam!

Interesting. I hope that you find your Technical Co-Founder. :slight_smile:

will do thnx:+1:

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