CoAlias: Whitelabel your Bubble app with Custom Domains

Yes! Just use a route /* to /index and it will work

I dont understand the question

thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, thanks for your effort making this greatest features available for us.

I have a question regarding how to install Ghost in my custom domain ””. I have my Ghost server provided by Digital Ocean. I used their CLI that enables quick droplet installation made specially for Ghost. Followed by ghost install, I get this screenshot that puzzled me what to enter my blog URL.

I read your instruction Add proxies to CoAlias for you Bubble app | CoAlias Documentation - Add Multiple domains to your Bubble site Could you elaborate how I can install Ghost in my bubble app? Thank you so much again. I love your product.

Hi there, that should be And you can point that to the droplets ip address. You dont have to use coalias for that.

Thanks to your help on Coalias chat, I could successfully integrate Ghost in bubble.
Actually I end up having Ghost Cloud instead of DigitalOcean so that the configuration was as simple as it follows.

  1. Set Ghost ip address on my namecheap DNS setting.
  2. Set my url(blog, in Ghost setting.

That’s it. After everything above is set, @gaimed helped me have better SEO configuration which is Coalias proxy feature that redirects my to * . Coaliss is packed with many wanted features if you want to differentiate the app for each clients. Highly recommended!


Hi there, I’m confused about pricing for multiple domains.
Each website visit would be a request?

Meaning, if I have over 200k website visits I’d have to go for Pro?

Depends on the use case. You can use the chat to describe it in more details and I can estimate it for you

Hello @gaimed

Quick consult.

How would I send the Coalias white labeled url to the Bubble app when a logged-out or anonymous user visits it?

Would this be possible?

What is the integration method if I would like to integrate Bubble app with my custom domain?

You can use the UI on or the plugin Multiple Domains by CoAlias Plugin | Bubble

Created a small tutorial how to register domains and add them using CoAlias to your Bubble app:

Loom video:

Editor: coalias-sample | Bubble Editor


Thanks Ab!

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be careful they lie.

my question:
I paid for 30 days for coalias.

I simply removed my credit card because I don’t want to renew it and I don’t want to be charged again.

However, as I paid for the 30 days, I owe and have the right to have access to 30 days.

and when I removed my credit card, you canceled my access to the platform and removed my website.

Where is your integrity?


their response:
I can refund you and you won’t be able to use the service anymore in the future. But I can’t give you access to the account anymore. If you cancel, everything is removed. We currently don’t have functionality implemented to give access to people who don’t have a creditcard or canceled the plan.

Please let me know how you want to proceed:

refund and never use the service anymore
no refund and you can use the service again in the future


Could you let me know where I lied?

We just don’t have the functionality to reinstant accounts or provide access if you cancel your account.

We are happy to refund. But to prevent abuse we don’t allow you to use our services anymore. We have a clear no refund policy as can be seen in our terms of service you agreed on when signin up.

Please let me know how you want to proceed. Happy to refund!


I just tried to refund you. Can’t even refund you because you didn’t even get charged…


At least pay him for his time spent trolling to waste your time then, @gaimed :rofl:

He’s earned it


Whahahaha lol

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This really escalated :roll_eyes:

couldn’t you just cancel on day 29