CoAlias: Whitelabel your Bubble app with Custom Domains

A couple of days ago, we launched CoAlias (formerly NoCodeMayo). New UI, new engine, and more options to Whitelabel your Bubble app. Currently, 110+ bubble apps are using CoAlias to Whitelabel more than 30.000 domains with over 140 million monthly requests.

You can also add advanced routing, custom headers, redirects, static files, and more. Everything can be managed using a UI on or automated using the bubble plugin .

If you have any questions, please email us at or use the chat on the website.


  • Add custom domains to your bubble app
  • Add routing like should load /clients/nike
  • Add routing like* should load /version-test/*
  • Add custom headers to increase your rating on
  • Add static files like robots.txt, index.html or sitemap.xml on any path
  • Add redirects like should load some link
  • Add custom meta data rules
  • And much more

You can also automate anything you like using the bubble plugin .

Unlike other solutions, CoAlias works on all browsers (also safari/ios) and doesn’t use a simple iframe to show pages.

Already 100 bubble apps are using It’s free to try out on and very easy to set up!

Screen Recording - 3 January 2023


This continues to be fantastic—I look forward to using your service in the future!


Quick walkthrough of CoAlias

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Really well done, @gaimed!


I released a video on creating a 90+ lighthouse score homepage

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Ignorant question: Would CoAlias be compatible with @sudsy’s excellent URL routing plugin?

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Hi there, yes! that should work perfectly. Let me know if you need help (using the chat on

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New video on how credits work on CoAlias:

Thank you!

I have a question about the credits. If a site gets hit with a bot or other attack won’t the credits get quickly used up for nothing?

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You can use clouldflare , to protect against bot attacks

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Hi team, really like the service (super easy to set up) but having trouble downloading files with internal routes…

I keep getting this error message: “There was an issue generating your file. Please check your file type and try again.”

I duplicated the actions in the domain and no problem, it’s happing exclusively when I try to download files through an internal route configured in coalias.

This is making the “whitelabeling” kind of impossible :frowning:

Can you help me with this bug?

Of course. Can you send me the details on the chat

Sure! Thanks, I’m using “File Downloader” plug in and I believe it has to do with the way both interact.
Let me send you a message

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Hi @gaimed , I’m considering purchasing a CoAlias subscription so I can use it in my app, but for my use case it’s essential that url parameters are retained on the white-labeled custom domain. Am I understanding correctly from the information here (How to load a slug using serverside routing (proxy) | CoAlias Documentation - Add Multiple domains to your Bubble site) that this isn’t possible with the CoAlias solution?


Hi there,

It is! We fixed it a while ago

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Thanks for the quick reply!

For anyone recommending to others. We have a referral program that can earn you 30% recurring commission on all referrals.

Signup on Affiliate program - CoAlias - Whitelabel your no-code apps


Hi @gaimed, It can be used for a SaaS. Personalized domain for each URL slug?

does this have to be done separately from bubble in some way?