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Using CNAME for Whitelabel Domain

Hi all

Anyone know if we can effectively allow our users to connect their own domain name using CNAME record to our app? Ideally we don’t want to use Sub-apps because we use multiple auth systems that require domain hardcoding.

Anyone had any experience with this or how it would work?



This thread and this particular reply might be helpful?

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Would love to see answer to this question as I have the same question.

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We have it working with a simple redirect on the name providers end.

The interesting question is this …

How can Bubble tell that it is a redirect ? As Bubble sees the URL as the “main” URL.

I can set up meta etc on the redirect, but it would be really helpful to be able to workout where I came from.

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Going to bump this up - currently its becoming mission critical for our SaaS and CNAME domain white labelling is an industry standard for SaaS. Given bubble is a programming language for the future, whereby SaaS is being built on it constantly, it seems like something that should be supported.

Intersted to hear @emmanuel @neerja ideas on this one


@help We understand your interest but cannot guarantee a timeline. The workaround for now is to do this manually.


Would love this feature as well. I had to hold off one one saas I was building because of this limitation myself.


I have some simple SAAS projects I would like to create, limitation for CNAME/Domain redirection for clients is a limitation that should definitely be on the roadmap.


Can you explain please ? I am not sure you can even do it manually.

If you do a CNAME redirect to anything related to bubble (and even flattening the cname using cloudflare, so it should be dynamically finding the IP of the end name) then you get the “You’ve pointed to Bubble, but we don’t have an application …”.

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Sorry for the confusion, there is no CNAME workaround here. The manual fix is to create sub-apps or app copies then add a separate (sub)domain on each using A records.

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This is not a great option when building for example a SAAS Invoice system :wink:


This would be huge if possible, CNAME is a must have option for SAAS businesses.

@neerja is this sponsorable?

@neerja why not allow the community to upvote one feature a month or every two months ?

For the first few years of Bubble’s existence they had a very active feature request page with a vote up/down feedback system. I’m guessing it was more crucial at the early stage of their business to receive feedback this way and build out features as users demanded them. If you check out their roadmap it’s clear they are planning out phases of their product updates based on how critical they are to growth and infrastructure of the system. I think a CNAME domain feature would be awesome, but as they pointed out you can support custom domains right now with sub-apps.

@vascolucci This will be a major update so not something we can expedite. We have noted the community’s interest in the feature and will post back once we are ready to proceed on this feature request.


@help We are in the same boat, I really wish bubble can make this happen.

This is an essential element to our business and we are really in need to this. What we do right now is we tell our customers to link their domains using the domain Forward & masking to their page on our app from the domain provider side but that not an ideal solution to be honest.

I hope @emmanuel @josh & @neerja or any of the bubble team to suggest a solution for this, and is that on the roadmap for the near future.


Yeah, that is not ideal, as many providers don’t allow it, and there are SSL issues.

I understand that we have dynamic IP addresses, so can’t A record in.

But the CNAME should get the IP of the target at the time. Although there are issues with CNAME from the root.

Cloudflare can deal with the SSL and the root CNAME.

And it does work, but Bubble then complains. Can we have something in a TXT DNS that allows us to point at the right bubble domain ?

At the moment we have had to create another domain that framesets the bubble site in, and then people can CNAME into that.

@neerja @emmanuel @josh - I don’t often plead, but this is really a showstopper at the moment. Any other workarounds that we might be able to use ?


@NigelG I’ve raised this with our engineering team multiple times. This is more of a question of timing as it’s already on their list.


If you don’t mind @NigelG, Would you please explain how you are using the frameset method and how to CNAME to that in more details?


Thanks, appreciate hearing their latest feedback asap