Cobubble paypal plugin

I have added cobubble plugin to use PayPal Payment method i have tested the sand box and build the work flow correctly , when i added sand box client ID : the PayPal button display , but when i add the " Live Client ID " the button didn’t show !! any suggestion please

Note : there is no field in this plugin for the Secret ID ,ONLY Client ID

I’d reach out to the CoBubble team directly using their support email provided on the page for that plugin.


Thanks , i actually did and they helped me

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And now, it would be good if you would share your solution to you problem!

Hae, i’ll be really glad if you shared how you went about it. I’m experiencing the same problem

actually i didn’t find the solution for my challenge with cobubble plugin , i am using now a PayPal plugin “paid” one from zeroqode ,and it works fine with my Apps , you can check it from here :

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