Code Preview having issues properties.bubble.height() returning 0 when that's not correct

I’m noticing today that previews for most of my element plugins are not showing up. Issue seems to be that properties.bubble.height() is always returning zero. Bubble please to fix?

And, yep , that’s def the problem properties.bubble.height() is always returning zero.

I note this happening in both version 2 and version 3 of the plugin API. (Also, my plugins don’t use jQuery, in case that makes a difference.)

@keith perhaps related?

Yep, this is basically the same thing. (Though to that first post: in API v1, .height and .width are properties. I’m v2 and beyond they are methods [functions].)

Though I’ve been working on new plugins a lot lately and today is first time I noticed this broken behavior. (So this prob started Friday.)

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@keith 's report is the same as my report. The report from April 2021 is more or less the same behaviour, but that was corrected then. I’m not sure if it is the same problem on the backend/bubble side, nor if then it was only effecting the preview as it is now.

That is also my opinion. It broke late last week. Probably the new update got this “feature” in…

After reporting to bubble support, they have implemented a patch. It seems to be normal again.