Pluggin Preview properties.bubble.height() and properties.bubble.width()

A couple of days ago I’ve finished a new element on a pluggin. It was working perfectly. Either on the App or on the Editor in preview mode.

Today, it breaks on preview mode… On the application it is just fine. Debugging the pluggin in preview mode is harder, but from what I could find, it seems that bubble properties are now returning a “0” instead of the proper values.

properties.bubble.height() and properties.bubble.width() should return the height and width, respectively, but they dont.

Please fix it.

Note: it seems that it happened at the same time as you have upgraded to the latest version. Maybe coincidence, maybe not.

The Height is 119, the Width is 120…

This is what the pluggin receives on “preview” function:


  • width: 0
  • height: 0
  • min_width_css: 23.200000000000003px
  • max_width_css: null
  • fit_width: false
  • min_height_css: 0px
  • max_height_css: null
  • fit_height: true
  • margin_top: 0
  • margin_bottom: 0
  • margin_left: 0
  • margin_right: 0
  • collapse_when_hidden: false
  • is_visible: true

Only min_width_css seems to be ok…

Width should be 120, height, 120… min_width is set to 20%.

Please note that I’ve turned on “responsive” on the element just to get more info. I don’t want or need it for my element.

Added 2 fields to the element module as “alt_width” and “alt_height” that will be used while bubble.height() and bubble.width() don’t provide a propper value.
After setting the alt_width and alt_height, everything started to display as expected!

After reporting to bubble support, they have implemented a patch.

From what I’ve tested, it seems ok.