Coin Market Cap

hello bubblers hope we are all doing very well im very new to bubble and loving it so far but im having problems displaying bitcoin price on my site and here is what ive done

i will appreciiate if i am show what i am doing wrong thanks to all

why converted to number?

yes but with out that it still didnt display anything ive tried everything to make it display but it doesnt do i need to set something in the data base first?

Really In Need of Help

i guess im not getting any help on this

@viviannemoreau44 saw this post and as we made a CMC plugin, thought we could help.

What coinmarketcap plugin are you using? Have you built your own calls?

From looking initially at just your posts, it could be a number of things:

  • Calls not working at all
    I.e have you tried different ways of displaying data and still nothing

If so suggests that the plugin or api keys should be the issue.

If you are getting calls, what format is the data mapped, i.e can you make the output a “number” from the call itself.

And lastly I hope its not our CoinMarketCap Pro Plugin that you are having issues with, i.e

I have tested and it works well. In addition recently added

  • Historical
  • Fiat Map
  • Price Conversion
  • FCAS Score

But if it is our plugin, please reach out to as we offer free bug fix support for all our plugins.