Looking for Beta Users: Coinbase Wallet Plugin

Hello everybody!

I’ve been wanting to grow my ability to build plugin’s for the Bubble ecosystem. I’ve built plenty of Crypto applications outside of Bubble, and thought I could bring some of those elements here and allow others to build on top of some of the components I’ve used.

This is a Plugin that allows you to connect your Coinbase Wallet, and send Ethereum to anyone with an Ethereum address all in a secure way.

See my very basic demo below:


I’m looking for anyone who is seeking to build on top of this plugin, I’ll work with you to get something up and running and see what it would take to get your use case built out.

Feel free to reach out below!

Hey all!

I’m the creator behind Next Billion Creators. Reach out to me directly to either account :slight_smile:


hey bro
do you still have the plugin ? am interested :smiley:

Hi… still looking for a tester? I’m available