Collapse Cell in Repeating Group (nested RG)

Hello, I am trying to hide and collapse cells in a repeating group based on a condition (I am trying to hide restaurants that are too far away). This repeating group’s data is from another nested RG. Instead of the cell being collapsed and hidden there is just white space.

Here’s a link to the editor: WowCater | Bubble Editor

To launch correctly open as user

Once loaded select location in NY as highlighted below. This will allow you to see the issue.

Hi there, @david30… in short, you don’t hide and collapse rows/cells in a repeating group. The way to do what you described is to add constraints/filters to the repeating group’s data source so the repeating group is showing the correct items (which means there won’t be any rows that need to be hidden/collapsed because, again, that isn’t how repeating groups work).

Hope this helps.



Thank you @mikeloc, you’re the best!

Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish: Filter a Repeating Group with Conditions

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