Collapse this element’s height when hidden without change the parent container’s type

I’m currently working on a post thread, and I need some assistance. The thread may include text, images, or both. To organize the content effectively, I want to create separate groups for text and images. However, I only want these groups to appear if there is content within them.

I’ve researched possible solutions for this issue, and most suggestions involve changing the parent container’s type to something other than “fixed” so I can check the "collapse this element’s height when hidden” box. However, when I make this change, all the elements in my post group collapse on top of each other, making it difficult to arrange them as desired.

Use the container type of column (they will arrange as needed) unless you need them to be setup as a row…you should spend some time on the free Bubble videos in their youtube account to get a basic understanding of how responsive design and specifically the container layout types work.

There is no way to do collapse when hidden in a fixed container.

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