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I am new to bubble. I looked at some videos and i would like to know why my commands differs the ones in the tutorials videos. I don’t have collapse height for exemple


There’s a chance you may be viewing out-dated training videos. Switch over to the Layout tab and you should see the option to “Collapse when hidden”.

This is what i have in layout

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This option is not available because the parent container type is fixed. If you change the parent container type to anything but fixed, you’ll have this option!

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What would you use instead? I have to pick it before creating because now when i am changing it all my elements are moving

I normally use column but the type you choose is really dependent on your design needs.


Same. Column is usually the easiest to work with. But if you didn’t plan for it in advance and have a lot of elements, then you will spend some time making groups to stash elements in and repathing their pointers a little so they continue to work through the new group. It can be frustrating at first. I’m fairly new myself and have to remember that the fixed layout rarely is as good as the others if I start with it from the very beginning.

Echoing everyone else, I would go with column first.

Let me know if you have any other questions or need some help choosing the right layout. I’d be happy to jump on a quick Zoom call to help you out.

Thank to all. What are the advantages of choosing those type of layout over fixed?

Fixed is less flexible. Fixed/Static. The other is Responsive and changes more flexibly for different screen sizes. Takes some time to get used to and you have to test different screen sizes to make there are no UI gaffs, but ultimately I have found it the better long term option.

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