Combine 2 columns of data to display in a text field

I’m trying to combine 2 columns of data to display in a text field so it’s easier to select/copy. I know I can easily do this in a repeating group.

For instance, Name column + Age column displayed as:

Joe (39), Ashley (25), Steve (33)… etc.

From there, I take that value and set it in a text field. What’s the best way to go about this? Thanks!

Are you able to put the 2 values into a custom state where the data type is of ‘text’ ?
Then you can do what you like with it by referencing the state.

Hmm. It might work. I haven’t tried doing a custom state on a repeating group. If each repeating group cell stores its own respective state then I can see that doing the trick. I’ll try and report back. Thanks!

Seems like I can’t use the custom state on a repeating group cell. I gave up and added a column to my data for “meta product qty”. This works of course. But I wanted to avoid having to create a new field if it wasn’t necessary. Oh well.

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