Combine 2 database into 1

Hello, i would like to combine 2 DB into 1 DB. Im thinking this can be done using backend workflow but cant figure out how to get it setup/started.

I have 1 DB named “transactions” and the other “cc_deposits”. All have unique fields that i plan on combining into 1 like both transactions and cc_deposits have transaction IDs and charge IDs respectively along with the amount and user ID.

How do i got about this? Since i cant show 2 Data in 1 RG to show a transaction history for both, i thought of just combining these 2 DB to show it in a table or RG easier

Determine dependencies. Upload to Bubble. Run recursive workflows iterating thru each record and linking to appropriate records (use a placeholder field that has initial value representing no attempts and then different values based on successful linking or failed).