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Combining Things (merging databases)

(I’m new to Bubble)
I have a 2 things; CLIENT THING that is populated by the clients information and TASK THING that is populated with tasks. For each client there are 30 tasks. I would like to combine the two list so that I have a new thing called COMBINED THING.


My thinking is to run a workflow, creating 30 new COMBINED THING’s with the CLIENT THING info and “make change” to them and add the TASK THING’s info.

Am I over complicating things? (pardon the pun). Any advice?

I got it to work :muscle:
It may not be pretty, but it works

I first created the COMBINED THING in the DB, the quantity determined by the TASK THING quantity. The I populated it by a repeating group list. Done with 2 backend workflows.