Combine two ID Attribute

Hello everyone…

I’m wondering if is it possible to combine two ID Attributes…
For instance, I’m using the RG Reverse plugin for chat but I also want to use a scrollbar plugin to “decorate” the scroll.

Is it possible?

No… an element can only have 1 ID attribute, and it should be unique on the page.

But why do you need 2 IDs for this - surely just use the ID for both plugins?

Really? I doesn’t it mess up if I use one ID for both?
I’m gonna try now :smiley:

Why would it - the ID is just a reference to the element… that’s what it’s for.

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yeah… technically you are right… But it messed up the RG Reverse… now it wont work anymore…
I have to find out how to use Lift Shifter now