Multiple Elements with the same ID?

Hi guys,

Hoping a dev or CSS guy can help here!

I’ve got multiple elements I want to have the same CSS ‘class’ but as Bubble doesn’t allow classes I’ve used the Element ID (which is a CSS #ID) and set them all the same then written a set of properties for that ID.

Works great from what I can tell, but was wondering if this was A-OK to do or if it can cause any issues? I’ve read it’s not best practice in a traditional environment, but Bubble is slightly different.


Hey Reece,

I’m not sure if it will cause any issues, so I’m also curious to learn the answer to your question. Have you checked out this plugin though? 🔥 Classify: A tiny plugin that brings CSS power to Bubble

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No i haven’t thank you! Will check it out. Would be great if Bubble just put this as an input under the ID so we can do it without external services.

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