Combining Two Or More Templates / Apps


New to Bubble. Is it possible to combine two Templates / Apps into one? This is in terms of both the design and all the workflows etc


nope, i dont think its possible, you could copy and paste workflows & elements.

Thanks Beau. Shame cant drag and drop between two screens either,

Bubble’s copy/paste functions work between browser tabs. (ie. if you have two copies of an app open, what you copy in tab a will translate to tab b. However, keep in mind that differing data structures, where custom workflows and API workflows exist, and so forth, can cause lots of things to break when using the various copy paste functions.

It’s not so much a bug of Bubble. But think about it like British cars versus American cars. Despite looking almost identical, In Britain, they drive on the other side of the rode from the US. These small differences can add up to lots of issues fairly quickly. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Dan, makes sense and yes your correct in what you say moving over the workflows and design may mean have to recheck everything to make sure it all is cross compatible and works together

Completely new to Bubble, about 12 hours in… :slight_smile:

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Welcome to Bubble! Hope you having fun exploring :slight_smile:

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So far, don’t know if I feel like crying or is it happiness… ill give you some feedback in a week!

One point to highlight so it doesn’t get lost is that you certainly can combine multiple templates and apps. In fact, It’s usually much faster to go this route than creating new portions to a single app from scratch. That said, it is still a material amount of work. I’d estimate it’s often 10-50% as much effort to copy in logic/pages as creating the new portions from scratch.

Welcome to Bubble!

on a similar note: We are developing an MVP for a platform that should combine the functionalities of two Bubble templates (one, similar to Tinder, and the other, called Circlely). Is it possible to purchase both templates and implement the code from one into the other (saving us time in developing the match feature that the Tinder-like template has)? Another point, is it possible to use third-party APIs in Bubble (such as Spotify, Netflix, Steam, etc.)? Thank you!