Merge two templates into one

I noticed that [quote=“i.naseem.in24, post:1, topic:49325, full:true”]

New to Bubble. Is it possible to combine two Templates / Apps into one? This is in terms of both the design and all the workflows etc

[/quote] was able to do this and as I embark on this same journey, has there been any headway in making this simpler? I don’t mind the work, but if @Bubble has created a way to do this a little more automatically then I’d like to try it out.


Unfortunately you cannot do that at the moment. You’d need to manually copy it over.


Thank you!

greetings… how exactly can I copy things over? do I create multiple projects and copy what I need from each!? I have not seen exactly how to do this.

Yup, exactly. You’d “copy with workflows” all the elements.

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aha!!! time for warp speed

But that won’t bring along the DB tables will it? I have some “blocks” I would like to reuse in apps but I cannot start out with one of them as template, and I would like a complete copy and past. Is that possible?

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