"comment out" or "disable" actions

In normal coding I can “comment out” a line of code. That lets me see what happens without that code, but leaves it in place so that I know what used to be there and can easily uncomment it if I want it back.

It would be nice to be able to do the same thing with parts of Bubble, like actions in workflows. If I want to see what happens without an action I have to delete the action. Then I have to remember what used to be there. If I want it back I have to recreate it from memory.

A little flag with “disable” or something like that would be great. I can hack that together by using the “when” field but then there’s no obvious indication that the action has been disabled; it’s hidden in the “when” field. And if the “when” field was already being used for something then I have to add an “and” condition which makes it even harder to notice.


Definitely would be nice!

I guess you could (if I remember correctly) not as nice and simple as having a disable button implemented but just duplicate the page and workflows and the change the workflows on that page and then rename it if you want it to be the new page?

Just bumping this thread. I’m trying to debug a complex series of workflows and conditions. I think I’ve identified a condition that should be deleted. I’d like to be able to just toggle it to “ignored” so it’s still there but it’s like it doesn’t exist. That way if I’m wrong I can just toggle it back to “not ignored”.

You could add a condition to each workflow event / condition you want to toggle, eg. “Only when… Text A is visible”, then toggle Text A’s visibility to “comment out” the events/conditions. Not ideal, but it’s an idea.

But yeah, I second the suggestion of a toggle button

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It would save so much pain if we had the ability to pause a workflow event! So yep have to agree.

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Six years later and this would still be nice to have