Commercial Plugin Disappeared?

My Commercial plugin, Anything To Image has just disappeared from my account & people that have purchased it have also lost it from the apps they have paid for it to be added too.

@neerja @emmanuel @josh , I have sent a bug report but I am wondering if other bubble plugin builders have had this issue before and also if there are safe guards we can put in place to ensure that this cant happen being a commercial plugin.

I cant imagine the the issues apps would have if a plugin with thousands of users had this same issue.

Thanks, PWC

We’re investigating and there do not appear to be other reports but we will update this thread.

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Thank you very much & please let me know if I can help in any other way.

Please check now and let us know if users who reached out to you regarding this plugin can now access it again in their apps

I can now see it back in my account, will check with the users now. Thank you very much for looking into this for me!

Hi PWC, I’ve contacted you via your ‘PWC Showcase’ thread but have just noticed this thread and so will mention my issue here. I purchased the ‘Anything to Image’ plugin yesterday but it is not working. When I drag the element over a cluster of elements, it reverts to a 30x30 size (so smaller than the required size) and is not editable not does it appear when I preview the page.