All Private Plugins missing

All published versions of plugins that I created are missing from my application. They cannot be found when searching in the plugins tab, but all the testing versions are still there.

Possible Problem:

All of my testing plugins display “By Bubble user (deleted)”, even though my account is not deleted. Plugins might be hidden. Not sure how to fix the issue.


oh man, this is affecting our website too!!! is there any help incoming?


My private plugin is also showing up “By Bubble user (deleted)”. What’s going on?

Ahhh mine down too. Thought it was just me. Business is currently unusable!

We’re pushing a fix to this, note this only impacts edit mode, not run mode.

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do we have an ETA? We have some urgent fixes to push that relate to our plugin.

Did you try to reload the editor?

Yep. Plugins are missing and editor showing 30+ errors

In this case please file a bug report.

Done. Would appreciate help ASAP, as we are currently broken and can’t fix our issue due to this.

@emmanuel Thank you so much for the quickest response! Do we have an RCA on the reason for the plugins missing?

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In case anyone didn’t get it back up - refreshing the editor after re-adding the plugins fixed it for me. If you don’t have a name in marketplace, that could also be your problem too.

Thanks for your help @emmanuel

@harry.tucker @emmanuel I had to manually re-install the plugins before they were added back to my app. The bug made our development version of our bubble app completely unusable, and so it is very important to my team that we understand how this affected development and why it would never happen on production.

Thank you!