Community Build Contest: April 2023

Hey Everyone!

I’m excited to announce our second community build contest kicking off for the month of April! Sorry for the delay - with April 1st falling on a weekend, we wanted to give some time to announce the winner of the March contest. Congratulations again to @NetoCamarano!

Last month, we did project management apps. For April, we’re going to be building social networks! Here are the guidelines for this month’s contest:

  • Ability to sign up and enter profile information
  • Ability to browse a directory of community members and “add friends” or “follow” people (how you structure this functionality is completely up to you!)
  • Ability to browse a public feed of all posts on the network
  • Ability to filter the feed by only people you follow
  • Ability to create new posts on the network

The above bullets are the only requirements, but as always, we’re looking for creativity and functionality! Its up to you what kind of community / network you want to build, but I will subtly suggest that I think we have enough “no-code builder” communities out there :slight_smile:

Just like last month, you can post your submission here, or email it to There should be no premium features required for this build - everything should be achievable on the free plan.

For future builds, I’m looking at ways to create a special app plan for these contests that would unlock the ability for participants to use premium features - once I’ve worked out the details there, we’ll be able to have some more advanced contests involving the API connector and other fun things (cc: @keith).

Let me know if you have any questions! I’m looking forward to seeing what you all build this month!


gl hf for all :slight_smile:

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that’s a great idea. cause it’s interesting to see how contest participants deal with data structuring but 200 things cap on free plan can forgive mistakes.

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Thanks again @sam.morgan!

Good luck to everyone participating in this new challenge!

Have fun! :wink:

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What’s the prize? :eyes:

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Haha, also interested. This seems like a fun project, I might have to partake this month!

Same as last month! Some swag & bragging rights :slight_smile: Working on making things more official with the team and hope to improve the quality of prizes as the months go on, but for now, we’re still just trying to build & validate community interest!


Wait, @sam.morgan… you told me the prize this month is dinner with THE Johnny Lin, and on his dime no less! No dinner, no dice… I’m out! :wink:




@mikeloc, we should tag team on a social network focused on avocados if you know what I mean.


This was supposed to be a surprise!! :rofl:


I’m in, @keith, but only if we can name it Twinstacadobook.


Focus group testing says Yeahvocado!Tok was the clear winner, @mikeloc. It’s got a certain retro-modern appeal, the kids are saying.


Did anyone submit? I was really curios!

Yes, we had several submissions for April’s contest! Sorry for the delay on announcing the winner! Coming this week…

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So there hasnt been a winner? :medal_sports:

And where to find the may contest? :face_with_monocle: