Community / social / chat / forums

Hi everyone, I’m looking at building my app in Bubble. One crucial component for me is the community element. I’m a life coach and currently use Mighty Networks to bring my clients together into an online community where they can chat to each other in groups, open forums, online courses and even 121 chat with each other. It’s a bit like a big, sophisticated Facebook group. Can something like this be done in Bubble somehow? I’ve had a quick look at the plugins but can’t see anything at first glance.

Thank you!


Are you talking about video/audio chat or just text chat? Both can be done i believe but text chat will be a lot easier. As for your other features, theyre definitely possible to do with bubble, it’ll just be a bit challenging for a new user.

Just text chat. Basically a social wall type of thing. Would be achieved with a plugin or just native within Bubble?

You create it natively.

There are some messaging “pages” you can purchase, but they’re built natively using data types/workflows/etc.