Compare two dates with AirDate/Time Picker

Hello friends, I have a problem and I don’t know how to solve it. I use AirDate / TimePicker to capture two dates:
1.- AirDate / TimePicker Date of admission medical history
2.- AirDate / TimePicker Date of birth


Date 2 cannot be greater than date one.

Could you help me with this. Thank you!!

Hi @luferva :wave:t2:

In the second input (Date of Birth) options, in the bottom, you can set the minimum and maximum date.

So, in the input B, you can set the maximum date as the Input A’s value and the greater dates in input B will be disabled and not clickable.

But, you should also disable the second input until the first is one has a date.

Also, if the user edits the first input, you should set a worfklow that clears, reset or set a new date in the second date to achieve the condition that you need.



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