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Date picker only goes back to 10 years


I am using a date picker for users to specify their birthdate, but the user can not select a year older than 10 years without clicking ok and selecting the year again until they get to their birth year.

why does the picker scroll infinitely to say 1900? it would make it much easier for the user specially in a mobile app to select the year in a one single click.


The other option is using the Input box and changing the format to Date. For something like a date of birth, would highly recommend that over date picker.

When you select that, it gives a simplified date entry box, which looks like this:

To find this option, drop an Input form element on the page, change Content Format to Date.


thanks @dan1

I may have to change the content type as you say.

Also, Bubble makes it pretty easy to swap out input types. Just double click on the object to bring up the menu > Replace by another element.


Still, this seems like it could be a bug. I would think that a date/time input could go back more than 10 years.

hi @alexsstockton

it does go back earlier than that, but you have to first select the oldest date tap ok before the picker lets you pick an even older date than that.

Just tried it, I see what you mean. I definitely consider that an issue.

Might want to send a bug report to support and see what they say.

We’ve looked into it, it’s a plugin behavior unfortunately (datepicker), so not really in our hands. If you need to go 20 years back though, I think a simple input is a better UX.