👤 Complete overhaul of Profile Page Block by Zeroqode

Hey Bubblers,
we’ve just finished a complete revamp of one of our building blocks - Profile Page Block. Check out all the features it’s coming with as well as the video overview and live demo!

Design of the User’s Profile page is important for any app - it should be engaging, and original, but at the same time simple & intuitive.

In our Profile Page Block we offer three options of web profile design (3 layouts) with a balanced interface that will for sure stand out and grab your audience’s attention and may boost your business’ profit by attracting a larger audience.

Each of them is fully customizable and comes with unique features that suit different use cases.

Features & Anatomy

  • All the pages are made on the new Bubble responsive

Profile 1 - Display & Edit

  • Overview
  • All personal information (mail, date of birth, phone, etc.
  • Resume available for download/upload
  • About me section (Text description)

Profile 2 - Display & Edit

  • Overview
  • Personal info (background picture, name, mail, date of birth, phone, job position, Type of work, etc)
  • Social networks
  • About me
  • Skills

Profile 3 - Display & Edit

  • Overview
  • General expenses (just for demo purposes)
  • Featured payments (just for demo purposes)
  • Recent Payments (just for demo purposes)

NOTE: For proper functioning, before copying the block to your application, please first create all relevant datatypes within your application.

For reference, use the purchased block’s default template editor (Data → Data Types).

LIVE DEMO: https://profilepageblock.bubbleapps.io/

DOCUMENTATION: Profile Page Block

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