Complex form kind of market place / ecommerce

Hi all ! I’m ready to pay for anyone that would might help me - I’m struggling a lot on this one and need to find a solution ASAP.

I have products/services (more or less 300)
Each products has attributes (lengths, boolean question, number fields, text fields…etc)

I need to create a quote from this.

On the DB I have 4 data type :

  • Name
  • Products item
    Products items (yes/no, length…)
  • Is concerned ? (yes/no)
  • Length (number)
  • localisation (text)
  • User
  • Products items

I then need to have a page that gather all the information on a RG and perform calculation (total prices…)

I tried creating this project on two ways :

1 solution) Create a multi step form with groups, in which user can select the product he wants, add attributs he wants in groups (lenghts, text …) problem with this set up on the workflow, is that i need to create on thing per product (that includes options and attributs on the product) which i can’t since i have 300 products, i need to create a new thing for every product the user fill out. (On the workflow, i get the product name from the database and create a new product items)

2 solution) I tried displaying an RG with some products and add inputs on the RG in order the user to customized his product. Does not work as well : need to autobind on input or create workflow… The other issue with this solution is i created a custom state to select product for the user, bu when creating the thing, it creates a list of product name, which is not good form me because each products much have differents attributs.

Please can anyone help ? or send me a good ressources on this ?
You can have the editor here : Testagainhere-yes | Bubble Editor

The global project is quite “simple” I thought.
I just need to create a form in which customer can select the product they want and add / customize their needs on the product. I spent a lot of time on the forum and ressources, nothing. I spent a lot of time using template market place but that does not matches my needs : the principle of each market place is to add one by one a product on a cart which is not convenient for me.

Many, many thanks if someone can help or point me on a good idea / set up or ressource

Hello @Alter345

Your project is a compact app that can be done in a straightforward way with Bubble.

This does not mean that work is not required of course. :grimacing:

  • Think of the user experience
  • Structure a UI that makes this UX happen (pages and components)
  • Mechanize the app

Once you are there consider reaching out for paid help to help you complete your project in case you cannot do it.

Consider the following resources for help:

  • Professional coach
  • Service where professional Bubblers help out
  • Bootcamp to learn yourself. Your project is a super great app to implement and learn Bubble! :smiley:

Links to some of the above resources for your consideration:

@cmarchan Hi there ! thanks for the tips and great ressources :wink:

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