Need help recording transactions because using Input inside RG seems troublesome

This is a simplified mock up of what I’m trying to do.
Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 13.59.43

As it hopefully shows, Users select products using Ionic Checkboxes and those products appear in a Repeating Group with one row for each product. The User then updates the Quantity and the Total is calculated using the Repeating Groups Plug In which is very helpful.

My issue is how do I save the data in my Repeating Group to my Database when the user hits the Save button? It seems you can’t refer to an Input in a Repeating Group when creating a Workflow to “Create a New Thing” which is problematic for me because each “Order” that the user creates could have a different number of products selected with it so I need a corresponding number of Qtys? I’ve read many other Forum posts where others have had this same issue but I haven’t come across a solution. Could someone perhaps nudge me in the right direction?
Many thanks in advance

Hi @joefarrowsmith

My take is that this is reminiscent of an online store just lacking line items for an order

Title (text)
Line items (list of line items)

Line item
Product (product)
Quantity (number)
Order (order)

Each time a product is clicked a line item could be created and populate the RG of type “line items”

Once a final button SAVE ORDER is pressed an order is created and the necessary connections add statuses and calculations are done as well.

Here the first of a small series of short videos that may spark some ideas

This is helpful. Thank you. I’ve seen this series of videos before and it’s good background information. My question having watched them again probably seems very basic. Is it not possible to reference an Input in a workflow (eg “Create a new thing”) when that Input is inside a RG? Would the input have to be in a Group? In which case this will require quite a big design change to my db - not the end of the world but preferable if avoidable. :wink:

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