Concatenation of list of strings

Hi everyone,

I am trying to store a list of texts, some quantity number of times. For example if my list of string is “Hello”, “Hi” . and I want it 3 times so I want to store “Hello”, “Hi”, “Hello”, “Hi”, “Hello”, “Hi”.

This needs to be done in backend as it is inside another list of data types stored inside another data type. I found a way for it using scheduling api and then reducing some value and then scheduling itself… that is self loop.

But since self loop are dangerous (infinite loops) and in my case would require a new integer field in the table… thats why i am wondering around if there is any other way that bubble could do that.

I would probably use some custom JavaScript to accomplish this in 1 save (if that’s possible)

I wonder if a bit more info may be helpful?

How are you entering these strings into the dB?

What’s the use case?

Do you really need to duplicate data or is there a more efficient manner of doing things?


Hi ,
I have a list of orders (order table is there in db) passed on to repeating group. The order table contains list of order-product in it. Every order-product contains quantity and a list of products in it. Now each and every product have a list of text in it.

I have been given an order inside repeating group in a cell… and want to pass all the products it has multiplied by qty…

Meaning every order will contain order-products and every order-product will contain qty and product… Now I want to grab every order-product of an order and take out product’s list of text from it … concatenate it qty number of times and then store it in the order… or i would say concatenate in order’s list of text.

So that for every order those list of text i could pass it to a page displayed in iframe and then display some labels for printing.

As @jared.gibb said, I would definitely use JavaScript. It is reliable and fast. You can find it as part of the toolbox plugin :toolbox: !

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