Save Lists of Things to list of Texts with suffix

I have an input form with a nested RG that has to capture a double list of things and save them as both as Things and Text with a suffix, and I’m stuck on how to go about it.

Here’s a simplified example:

RG1: Food
RG2: Quantity

Because a user can enter the same Food and the same Quantity more than once, I can’t use bubble’s lists (unique items), so I have created a DB table to store each instance of Food+Quantity as they are entered. Now when I go to save the main record I need to save:

Food = a list of the Food Things (this I can do :sunny:)

History = a list of “meal-Food name-Quantity name” (this has me :confounded:)

All suggestions gratefully received.

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I’ve moved a little further along. I have created a backend workflow on a list of things and passed the Current User and the RG1 list of Things. From those, the backend workflow can compile a list of the instances in the DB table I created.

Now all I have to do is work out how to combine them with the suffix and joining the two together.

I used Make Changes to a Thing for the main user’s record and I have [list of texts field=

So what comes after the equals sign? Am I going the correct way about this?

I got it. On the Backend Workflow on my list I passed three parameters User, Food and Food’sQuantity when I called it.

Inside the Backend Workflow I Make Changes to and selected my main record. I then put History=meal-Food-Food’sQuantity

So inside the Backend Workflow I was just adding one text at a time but it kept going around until it completed the list. I guess I might have understood this if the link to bubble’s User Manual was actually working.

Hopes this helps someone else.

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