Condition Help - Trigger on specific letters & special characters

Hello! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone :slight_smile:

Is there a quick and easy method for conditions to be based on Capital Letters or special characters without having to be like… This Input’s value contains “#” or This Input’s value contains “!” or etc ?

The above is what I have, but I would love to simplify it haha. And when I copy the condition to another spot, it breaks.

Returns yes if it sees an uppercase or special character

Wait hold that thought it’s not exactly working

Okay do this Regex pattern instead [A-Z]|[-+_!@#$%^&*., ?]

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Amazing thank you!! Not going to lie, never used Regex, but going to give it a whirl!

If you put a text element and do the same expression but without the :count you’ll see it starts listing out each individual uppercase and special character in a list of texts, so if it counts higher than 0 it returns yes :+1:

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