Condition issue

Hi, I do need help

What am I missing exactly?!! This condition is set on the workflow for a sign-up form and the input data is user email address and company name. Both input data are new to the database, so the condition should be blue (this is going right)

but when I investigate the condition, the company count should be zero not 1 and if the count is 1, and the condition fails then why is it blue and it still goes on being executed

this used to work when I tested ages ago, what am I missing?1

Kindly advise

In step by step, it’s possible that the conditions show green but in red when it was running (because even if you do step by step, sometimes the event was already processed.)
If this is not the case, I suggest you to open a support request

Thank you for your response.

I have these conditions to separate two different workflows; in this case the second workflow should not be an option but still it is (even when I run without the step-by-step).

I will ask support then.

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