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Need help for subscription


I need some help with my subscription form… I understand how it works and I was able to do it very quickly. However in the meantime things have changed and now it’s getting a little bit more complicated… Let me explain :
I have a form with standard fields such as firstname, lastname, e-mail address, password + confirmation AND also a field name “Company” (and a checkbox to accept privacy policy).

All the fields are mandatory.

When the user clicks on the validation button, I need first to create the company, and then to create the user associated to the company. I did the workflow with no problem, but my issue is about the mandatory fields and the messages to display.
I added some text fields below each input (that says : this field can’t be empy), and I created some states such as “firstnameIsEmpty”, “lastnameIsEmpty”, etc.
When firstname get filled, firstnameIsEmpty gets false and the error message is hidden. If the user deletes the firstname then the variable get true and the error message gets displayed.

I don’t know if it’s the right thin to do, because when the pahe loads, all variables are initialised with “isEmpty” = true and therefore all error messages are displayed.

Could you please help me ? Am I doing the right thing with custom states ? Or is there a simpler way to do it ? And what should I do to no display the error messages on page load ? I alredy set the state to be “not displayed on page load” but as the custom states variables are false, they get displayed…

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hey, thanks for using the forum to get advice on data validation in your app. There can be many different methods for achieving this and other users may have some great advice!

One suggestion may be to use Conditions in your app. Conditions can be used to prevent workflows from triggering. For example, when setting up your workflow trigger, there is an “Only when” field that allows conditions such as a particular field NOT being empty. For example, your workflow can trigger when your “Company” field isn’t empty.

Check out our Manual for more information about conditions here.

If you continue to run into challenges, our team is always willing to answer general questions at [email protected]

Thanks for your answer but I already used conditions.
However when I validate the form, all the required fields appear with red borders…

I finally chose to use alert message but it’s not quite working as I wanted.

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