Condition to Show Text if Date/Time Picker value is on Monday

I have a Date/Time Picker and I want to give a warning if they select a date that falls on a Monday. I’m not sure how I would write the condition for the text to appear if the date in the picker is a Monday.

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On the text put the condition Datepicker's Value:extract day is 1 and pick the property This element is visible yes

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Thank you! I figured it was something easy I just did not know.

Yep no problem. To explain it further you are extracting the pickers day, which would return a number 0-6 (0 being Sunday). So the statement returns yes if its Monday

OK, after testing, it seems to always be displayed even if the picker is empty or the date is not a Monday. Any thoughts?

I can confirm the Element is visible on load is unchecked.

Make sure to uncheck the “Visible on page load” in the layout tab

I did, and it’s unchecked. still not working

:thinking: Strange… I just recreated it on my test and app it seems to be working. No other workflows or anything showing the text?

The date/time picker doesn’t actually register the value until you pick a time as well. I think in your photo a time is selected but just making sure

Odd, was messing with it, and seems to work now. Did not change anything, so not sure why it was not working earlier. thank you for your help.

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Also if you really want to you could set up so if they pick a Monday it auto picks the next day instead and shows something saying “Auto-picked Tuesday”